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If you use VLC, Android, Smart TV, Roku, Apple TV, I Phone, Kodi … then need to use M3U file. If you do not already have an account to use IPTV, please sign up for 24h trial or contact us for the best support.

Please select the right device you use in the account registration, M3U file and EPG file will be sent to your email immediately after registration. If you use multiple devices then you need to contact whatsApp for the fastest support …

If you are using a MAG or STB Application using a MAC address, you need to enter your MAC address in the registration box, with the standard syntax of 6 pairs of digits and a colon.

If you enter the wrong MAC address then your device will not be able to work, if you have trouble or device does not work please contact us immediately, your problem will be resolved

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  • 1 How to Setup PVR IPTV simple client with Kodi Krypton 17
    • 1.1 What is PVR IPTV simple client?
    • 1.2 Add-on For Kodi IPTV
    • 1.3 Support

How to Setup PVR IPTV simple client with Kodi Krypton 17

You are newbies with Kodi? Maybe you may want to know about  What is Kodi. It provides tutorials for beginners started with Kodi.

What is PVR IPTV simple client?

PVR IPTV Simple Client is a basic PVR Addon for Kodi support play m3u playlists, streaming IPTV, radio channels and EPG.

Now we can start

From home screen of Kodi 17, you need to click on TV

Then select Enter add-on browser

Click on PVR IPTV Simple Client

Then Select Configure

Click on General

If you have a URL m3u playlist you can set Location to Remote Path (Internet Address)

Then click on M3U PlayList URLIf you don’t have m3u URL and you don’t know where to buy IPTV. I can help you :D.  I have to Suggest for you with bestIPTV provider we provide 5000 channels IPTV and 4000 VOD include EPG very stable and easy to use.  kodi IPTV You can get 24H iptv trial before buy.

The next to enter the URL IPTV channels of your M3U PlayList and click OK

If you have an M3U text file stored locally you can choose the Location to Local Path (include Local Network)

Then Select M3U PlayList URL

Navigate to your m3u file Kodi IPTV where the file is saved and choice it

Then select OK

Select Enable

Wait some second for notification of channels loaded

Now go to the Home Screen and select TV and you can see like this

If you want setup EPG for IPTV you can Select Configure

Then click on EPG Setting => XML URL

Enter EPG URL you have. My IPTV service has 6000 channels and 8000 VOD also have EPG for most of Kodi IPTV channels

Click ok and you need restart Kodi

You can see my video for install PVR IPTV Simple Client with Kodi

Youtube Video Tutorial:

That’s it! You’re finished! I hope you have enjoyed my tutorial

If it hard for you. we provide addon for Kodi very easy for use.

Add-on For Kodi IPTV

The first you need to buy iptv from an owner of the website:

Step 1. Download Add-on for Kodi: DOWNLOAD

Step 2. Open KODI navigate to System–>Settings–>Add-ons

Step 3. Choose Install from zip file & look for downloaded zip

Step 4. You are done


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